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Fitness Life Hacks

When it come to health and fitness, it can be a real uphill battle. The world we live in exercise shy and full of unhealthy habits and foods, so we’re being killed with kindness. However, we must fight this trend, because we all deserve a happy and healthy life. The main problem is motivation. Lounging around and working a cozy desk job are pleasant, and unhealthy food is also delicious food, so you’ll have to find the motivation necessary to muster the willpower to fight these temptations. What if I told you that by deliberately making your life slightly harder, all the exercise you need would occur fairly naturally. Here’s how you can make yourself get in shape.

First and foremost, simply do things for yourself that you would normally hire a professional for. I know what you’re thinking,. “They’re called pros for a reason. I can’t do the jobs they do.” And, you’re right, to an extent. See, learning how to, for example, repair your car is as easy as consulting YouTube. YouTube is surprisingly a breeding ground for educational content, and thi includes tutorials for just about everything you could imagine. So, when it comes time for a home improvement project, forego hiring the pros. Instead, look up how to do the things you’ll need to do, get your supplies from Home Depot, and simply make it happen. You’ll be “beat all to hell,” as my country dad would say, but you’ll be more fit as a result. This line of advice also tends to save you a lot of money, so that’s a plus.

Another way to get fit without really trying to remember this golden rule. Walk when you don’t absolutely have to drive. Of course, you can also substitute biking for walking, and that’s an even better workout and increases the viable distance you can go without driving, so it’s actually even better to cheat this time. Walking a mile is almost nothing for someone like me, because I walk all the time. Biking is also much faster than you might think, reducing the time it takes to a given distance by about a fourth of the time. And, as with the above advice, this saves you money. First, it saves you the money you’d spend on gas, and then it delays costly repairs to your car.