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Vitamix Blender Review

The Vitamix is a set of well-known instruments that has been used in kitchens and shops for decades as a multipurpose blender. In this article, we will be looking at positive aspects and negative aspects of the Vitamix 5300 blender which are more or less true for other members of the Vitamix family.

The review consists of 4 sections, namely product design and quality, operational aspects, price, and after-sales service. However, this review does not cover the aspects of food preparation techniques and their usability.

Product design and quality

In contrast to the market rival blenders like Blendtec, two key features of the Vitamix family devices can be seen as their simplicity and usability. The operational panel of the device has only three controls for the user and are:

• High/variable speed selector switch
• Variable speed selector dial
• Power button

The Vitamix 5000 container is made up of polycarbonate material, which is known to have BPA (Bisphenol A) which is solvable in organic solvents, but poorly solvable in water. Still, there is a concern about health problems and, if you have already bought a Vitamix 5300 or you are going to buy a new or refurbished one, it is a good idea to check and see whether the existing container is polycarbonate or not. One option you have is to change the polycarbonate container to a polyester container, which is BPA free, 10% harder than the old container, 10 times more resistant to damage in the dishwasher, and also much more chemically resistant. This equipment has two containers: One for dry use and one for wet use.

The blade comes with the blender is a 4 prong tough blade and users of the product has no complaints about it. This piece can easily handle even ice cubes and nuts without any hassle. The blade and the powerful 2 horsepower motor are always admired by the users. The blade is not easily removable from the top side of the container and there was a complaint by customers, having difficulty of getting the food stuck under the blades. But, with a little practice and patience, almost all food between the blades and the bottom of the container can be obtained. Learn detailed information at

The Vitamix machine is quite large in design (20.5″ high, 7.25″ wide and 8.75″ deep) with respect to some other good blenders out there in the market. But for the home use that is not considered a critical matter unless you have a little space to store it. The weight of the machine is 10.7 lb and is also quite heavier than the other competitors in the market.

The Vitamix machine can be operated by an average user without much difficulty. But there are few concerns over some aspects of it. This machine is quite noisy and the Vitamix company fixed that problem in new members of the family. Some users were complaining about some vibration when it is in operation. In few customer reviews, there were complaints of overheating the machine when used in very tough jobs.

Vitamix Blender

When it comes to cleaning, the machine is designed to clean itself by operating with water and some soap. The high-speed flow of water inside the food container (jar) of the machine washes away the remaining food inside the container.

The brand new prices of the Vitamix 5300 machines are quite high and one good alternative is to buy a refurbished machine from the company. Many users of refurbished machines claim that a refurbished machine is very much like a brand new machine in terms of working conditions. The good point is these machines are priced very much less than brand new price and the quality of the product remains almost the same. If you are on a budget, a refurbished Vitamix 5300 can be a good option.

The after sales service of the Vitamix company is proven as excellent by many user reviews. The company gives 30-day money back guarantee (subjected to change, refer to the agreement when buying the product) and if the buyer is not satisfied, it is possible to return the machine and take the money back.
In conclusion, it is true that the Vitamix users put forward some of the above negative issues when they review the product. However, when it comes to recommending the product, it is observed that almost all users are very much satisfied with the product and highly recommend it to others…

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